Factors to Consider Before Getting Your Temporary Car Insurance

Insurance companies consider different factors when pricing their policies. If you want to take advantage of small premium rates, you must learn to play the criteria o by providers. For example, if you still have not reached their age requirement, you will need to wait a few more years simply in order to benefit from lower rates. For you to have a better understanding of their criteria, read on further and get to know how companies price their temporary car insurance.


Age goes hand in hand with the assumption of driving skills. Most companies require that you must be 21 to 60 years old in order to apply for best car insurance. If you do not belong to this age group, you might be required to pay higher premiums or entirely rejected.


Although this may be controversial especially for anti-gender discrimination groups, some providers consider a person’s gender in their policies. The principle behind this is the driving capability and accident proneness of women. According to statistics, more women meet slight accidents everyday than do men. However, the gravity of the damage incurred by women is less because they tend to be more careful drivers than men. When men meet accidents, they are usually major incidents due to their tendency for high-speed driving. The damages caused by women often include only simple bumps and scratches while parking or to non-moving objects like posts and walls. Therefore, more women drivers enjoy cheaper temporary car insurance.

Driving Capabilities

Most providers of protection conduct background checks involving the credibility of the driver’s skills by asking for any existing insurance claims. Once they discover and get hold of a record involving some past driving incident, you can expect to receive higher charges. It therefore pays a lot to be a responsible driver at all times.

License Duration

If you are new to driving, as reflected in the information on your license, chances of paying more expensive temporary car insurance is higher. Because companies often equate ability with time, they consider new owners to having limited skills.

Model of the Car

The type and model of the vehicle is another important factor when it comes to the premium. Most luxurious automobiles will require wider coverage and therefore owners shell out more fees for them compared with cheaper models. Because the parts and the cost of repair for high-end models are more expensive, it naturally follows that you shoulder bigger fees for your luxurious vehicle.


The duration of your protection affects the price of your temporary car insurance. The duration of security ranges from one day to up to twenty-eight days. As you increase the number of days you need protection, you can expect bigger premiums as well.

Driving Location

Different states impose different policies on automobile indemnity. If you are not certain about the existing market value of your insurance, you can conduct some research regarding the guidelines and policies of the state where you plan to purchase your temporary car insurance. When you get a rough estimate of the current costs, then you will have a better idea on how much you need to prepare for your security.

Temporary car insurance is like any other policy that considers the different innate qualifications of the insured individual. By knowing how your qualities can affect your expenses, you can find ways on how to take advantage of them.