Cheapest Car Insurance For Teenagers

The cheapest car insurance for teenagers may not seem all that inexpensive for an experienced driver because new drivers are considered very high risk to insurers. High risk drivers mean that they have a greater chance of making a claim, thus causing insurers to lose money. However, when compared to the average going rates, there are ways to get the cheapest car insurance for teenagers, as described below.

One way to get the cheapest car insurance for teenagers is to ensure that they get their driver’s education from a certified driving school. Insurers grant several discounts to new drivers, and it is important that they are sought after by parents or teens in order to benefit from them. Another way to achieve the lowest rates is by encouraging them to maintain good grades in secondary school. When teens show that they are responsible with their education, they can be rewarded with up to a 10% discount on their automobile insurance rates.

Choosing schools that provide education with defensive driving techniques is also highly recommended. These institutions have designed specific courses and practices to help the student react better in a situation, thereby reducing their risk of being involved in a collision. A smart way to get cheap car insurance for new drivers is all about the vehicle, and that means choosing one that is less expensive overall. Insurers consider sports cars, imported and high-end models to be much more expensive to cover. Therefore, choose a four-door domestic and lower-end model.

Another way to get the cheapest car insurance for teenagers is to include them on your own policy. Of course, one would have to weigh out the pros and cons if the parents’ vehicle is an imported, high-end model, as this could end up costing much more. Above all, the teenager should be responsible behind the wheel, avoiding moving violations which would cause someone to lose to merit points and raise rates.

Speed is one of the biggest problems with young drivers, so they should maintain the speed limit at all times so that they can build their name, gradually reducing their rates each year. Drinking and driving should never take place, regardless of someone’s experience behind the wheel. However, if that someone is a young driver who gets caught with a high blood-alcohol level while operating a vehicle, there will be a slew of trouble finding another to provide coverage in the future. Even if they do, it will cost thousands of dollars more than before.

One of the best recommendations is to understand the industry better. To do so, it requires thorough research, learning the terminology and the different guidelines each insurer follows. Once the industry is better understood and the tips to acquiring lower rates are followed, as above, there are certain discounts to be had.